Another Cupcake Adventure @ Gigi Cupcakes!

by - April 26, 2013

I was looking for the popular Custaroons I know it was Gigi because I saw it somewhere i think, 
But hey I am in the wrong store?

 They have nice interior. Well lighted place having a huge menu on display which is uniquely unlike others.
 Cupcakes on their display calling out for your name.
 The price is very affordable compare to other cupcakes store. 45-50 pesos per cupcakes. Not bad!
 Sandwiches are available too!

*Their Menu*
Okay so I was looking for the custaroons and it's not on their display, 
I'm shy to ask because I might be on the wrong store. Hahaha! So here's some of their cupcakes

Their Red Velvet (for some reason, I can't rotate it, sarry! :D) is their best seller as they said to me, so I had 1 Red Velvet, 1 Sea Salt Choc and 1 White chocolate.

 The taste? It's good. The cupcake itself were really moist. One of the moistest cupcakes I had. 
Though the icing of the cupcakes we've ordered were hard. Which I didn't appreciate at all.
 Sea Salt Choc - Recommended! :)

 We also ordered their white chocolate frappe. I'm very particular with whipped cream, and it's good. tastes like Starbucks' whipped. But the drink itself? Boyfie said it's like a 3 in 1 coffee that were just made more creamier. 
Here's their to-go box of their cupcake. Costs 25 pesos each. Blecchh! SRSLY? I think it should be for free :)

You can check their website @

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