Tea Tattle Milk Tea!

by - March 30, 2013

One of my fave Milk Tea stops. Not saying that it's better than others but there's somethig good with this store. For that 70 pesos, one toppings is included already. Good right? What i love with their store that gives me the high rating? 
Read on!  

I ordered their Wintermelon Milk Tea. The taste is close enough to Serenitea's. But the flavor is much stronger and sweeter even it's 50% sugar level sweetness. I asked to put my automatic add ons of pudding and coffee jelly. And I completely forgot that i already have one free add on included in my 70 pesos drink.  

So it's like pearls + pudding + coffee jelly altogether. Imagine that my cup is half already just by toppings alone.  Expectedly, when they poured the milk tea itself in the glass, they can put only half of the content they created. The coolest thing is they asked me to sip the milk tea so they can pour the remaining milk tea. not sure if just in this stall, or applies in every Tea Tattle shop. I mean, can you imagine? You'll definitely getting what you've paid for. Try EAT!

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