Summer Gateway @ Momarco Resort

by - March 19, 2013

Ofcourse! It's summer time already! And for those of you that's looking for a quiet place to stay, 
and seems that you've rented the whole place, then you should visit Momarco Resort
*photo from their website*

Here's a little secret where me and my family loves to stay! Why? It's a resort, farm, zoo, and park turned into one. You'll be surprised with the place. Since the place is quite hidden, often times, it's only your company who's staying in the place. 

 ``Situated in the heart of Tanay Rizal 
 ``As you enter, you'll be welcomed with huge trees they have
 ``And looks like my nephews and niece were having fun with the pretty looking couch they have. :)
 ``Way going to the cottages
 ``Division between the cottages and pool
 ``Wooden bridge
 ``Way going to the pool area
``Their double Olympic Size swimming pool
 ``Fun activities can be made there too!

 ``Other side of the pool
``In afar 
``The most popular of all pools. The waterfalls pool
 ``Look who's enjoying? :)
 bahahahah! :D
 ``So here's the view of their kiddie pool.
 ``It has fountain too! :)
 ``Summer is indeed for kids :)
 ``Here's another pool too! 
 ``A therapeutic pool that has pebbled floor that is good for your body especially when you're walking.
 ``A connector from the waterfalls pool and the other.
``Peaceful side of the pool

*So if you're tired of soaking yourself in the pool, why not visit their own mini zoo?* :)
 ``Hallway going to the zoo
``A friendly reminder
``And another snakes!
``Kois, and other animals too! (I wasn't able to take their pictures, sorry!)

This place is great for family outings, barkada gate away, company team building, or simply relaxing yourself out! The clean surrounding will surely captivates your heart. Fun activities like basketball, badminton or even volleyball! Videoke lover? Go ahead and sing your heart desires! 

You can check their website @

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  1. hi! pwede ba walk ins sa momarco? or papareserve dapat? wala kasi sumasagot sa numbers na nasa website nila e.. thanks!

    1. Hello! The last time we went there, walk ins are applicable. Not sure at this point. But better ask for reservation to be safe and sure that worthwhile pag punta nyo. Try reaching them at their mobile. :)


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