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by - March 06, 2013

Gahhhd! The rumors are real!!! That Purple Oven is the one who makes the cakes for Starbucks! During the birthday of my Mom last month, I want to give her something new, aside from the Conti's that we usually have. 
Their location is bit hidden. It's in the middle of Pasig itself. The landmark would be the Ynares Sports  Arena. The next street from that is the Oranbo Drive. You have to walk across the drive and you'll see St. Peter street. Just go straight ahead  and you'll see it. Around 5-7 minutes walk from Ynares Sports Arena
 ``Because joy is meant to be SHARED :)
 ``They have huge fridge filled with different pretty looking cakes 

*Aside from the cakes that they have, different breads, savory pastries were available too!*

 ``And yes, I have to agree with that :)
 ``They don't offer plastic bags, but they do sell Eco bags for 25 pesos. It's good coz the color is cute :P
 ``Banoffee Pie for 700+ pesos. Really worth it!! 
``Store Hours

The moment we finished our dinner, I am eager to taste the 9inch Banoffee Pie that I bought, gassshhh!! It's freakinly good! opps, No! It's freakinly GREAT! The bigger version of Banoffee Pie of Starbucks is in front of me! (but generously filled than Starbucks) 
``top view
 ``the innards! whoaaa. LOOK AT THAAAT!! Sinfully good!

``Sweet Tooth Foodie, Butter Cream Babies like me, it's a MUST to go here! Their cake is superb! It is already included in my list, having the best tasting cake I've had! 
tetadventurer approved! ;)

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