Lido Cocina Tsina

by - March 19, 2013

Since the time it opened a couple of months ago, I'm eager to try their food especially seeing the Roasted Asado 
tarpaulin that calling out my name. I  had my first time last Sunday when Mum and Dad decided to eat there.
 ``behold! Sorry for the low lighted photo!
 The place is quite small and simple. No fancy decorations. Just their menu, wooden chairs and tables plus clean restroom that I appreciate a lot. With regards to their SERVICE Excellent! Friendly, fast, and polite crew. What more can I ask for? I hope they can keep this up! 
 ``history of the home cooked asado :D
 Their PRICE is Affordable. Especially they have huge serving size. 

*We ordered the following: *
Yang Chaw - One of the best, SRSLY! It's not the usual Yang Chaw you'll taste in Chinese Restos. 
They have this smokey haofan taste in every bite. "Kanin pa lang, ulam na!" 
 Chami - Stood out with the rest. They cooked it prefectly. The sauce were thick and flavorful. 
Generously filled with veggies and seafood. Definitely going back! 
 Chinese Pugod Roasted AsadoQuite disappointed here. Ops, don't get me wrong. It's delicious. I just expected that the Roasted asado is glaze-y just like in the picture. But never the less, it's good. The smokey taste is there. Best to be paired with their sauce. Really good! 
 Fish Fillet with Beancurd and Taosi - Equally good. The cream dory were fresh and the tofu were so good and you'll know that they just made it.

You can visit their site @

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