Eagle Ridge Country Club Gateway!

by - March 21, 2013

I've realized that I don't usually review places and focusing more on restos coz I really find it hard to make the review short.  Nwei, Eagle Ridge Country Club is exclusively for their members.
*credits to the owner of the photo*
 I have a friend whose uncle is a member there, and thru his membership we were able to go inside for 100 pesos. 
(We are around 25 at all) You'll enjoy the perks and amenities inside. 
The 100 pesos is consumable. You can play basketball, badminton, tennis, ping pong, watch movies in their theater. Billards and bowling is available too! However, they're very strict with their rules. If they said you must wear shoes, it's a MUST! Or else they will ask you to go outside the court. 
 ``Badminton Court
 ``Billiards, Bowling , Tennis and Gym too! 
 ``Club house altogether!
``Kiddie Pool. What amazes me is the swimming lessons they have inside. 
The youngest is 2 years old and men! The kiddo is superb!
 ``Swimming Pool
 ``And another Swimming Pool. Their swimming pool is huge (which we spent most of our time) however, the feet or level of their pool is so high! Our drama is to tip toe for us to breath all the time and for us to survive. bwahahah!  
 ``Pure white sands
Actually, the amenities is good! But you'll enjoy it if you're in a perfect company.

You can visit their site @

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