Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort @ Tagaytay

by - March 12, 2013

We opted to stay here last Valentine's Day before we go to Sonyas. What triggered me to go there is the fully functional kitchen they have. I find it so cool imagining that we can buy groceries and cook our desired food there.

``The facade
``Somewhere down the road.
``The room itself is pretty huge and nice. Everything is complete! The fully functional kitchen is true aswell. But there's a downside if you're planning to stay at Crosswinds. 
``A part of their fully functional kitchen! 
``their dining table
``comfort room
``shower area
``A balcony with great view outside
``The view
``And the foggy morning next day
``Look at that STEEP view! :o
``Swiss inspired houses
``A Santa House open all year long!
``For kids only! hahaha!
``Lotsa toys that your children will love! :)
``Since Crosswinds is very much away at the main Tagaytay, they have convenience store inside where you can buy your chips, drinks, or some necessities. 
``We went to Robinsons Supermarket to look for groceries for us to cook our desired foods! :)

``Their shuttle is "sossy" too! Not the usual shuttle around. ;) BUT! You'll be having a hard time with their shuttle. They'll ask you to wait for a couple of minutes, then we found ourselves waiting for 2 hours! 

"Some" comments @ Crosswinds
- First, the 'wifi' that they claimed that they have is not true. Well, they have wifi but ONLY in the lobby.  
- Second thing is the location itself. It's really far from the main Tagaytay. Located in farthest area of Tagaytay. 
- The last thing is the stiff road. You CAN'T enjoy the place. If you're planning to jog in the place like me and boyfie planned then it's a bad idea. REALLY. The area is freakinly stiff. It's not the usual stiff road you can see, but this one is outrageous. If you're planning to stroll around or go outside the place, it's imposible for you to go there by means of walking. It's like you're going to climb up a mountain before you can go there.

Actually, a bad idea going there. The room is nice, but the location is a big No No. Are we going to come back??? Hmmmm..

You can check their website @

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    1. Hello! The accomodation is 6k (overnight stay). Breakfast is included already. :)


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