Crispy Dinuguan @ Kanin Club

by - March 13, 2013

I am really eager to try Kanin Club with the reviews I'm seeing around, atlast! So we've tried dining at Greenfield District. Better than their branch in Techno. More spacious but it's really noisy I guess with lots of customers.

``Their service were just So So. They're fast but they need to smile a bit.

 ``their humble beginnings. 

*Their Menu*

*We've ordered the following*
Tried their famous Crispy Dinuguan, Crispy Liempo and Aligue rice. Me and boyfie find this just OK.
 Aligue Rice - Disappointed. I didn't taste any aligue-ish factor at all. It's like java rice that topped with itsy bitsy aligue fat. engk! 
The Crispy Liempo-  is good, especially paired with their Soy Sauce
Crispy Dinuguan - The taste of the dinuguan is good just the way I like it. It's crispy Yes, however, some of the meat were overly crispy that it's though already. It's too fatty also. 

Will try there again? Hmmm. Not sure. You can check their website @

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