All day breakfast: Milky and Sunny @ Kapitolyo

by - March 12, 2013

With all the raves that I'm seeing around, I told my self that I will go to Milky and Sunny. 
I guess I expected too much. That's what I told boyfie. 
 ``If you're not familiar with the place, it will be hard for you to locate the store. 
 ``Milky & Sunny!
 ``Pictures and flaglets everywhere. 
 ``Different cute finds in the store
 The place is small. Around 24 people can sit comfortably. Having 12 tables put together. (Yup, i really count it ) The place is cute. With cute frames and paitings on the wall, picture decorations all over too!
 ``lovely theme inside!

*Their Menu*

 ``jeans designed pillow
 ``Creative wall they have! :)
 ``Their so-called must try dishes 
``Foods for groups were also available 
``Larger look at the place. Their crew and service were fast, but the crew were snob. 
They should stretch their face a bit and learn how to smile!  

*We've ordered the following*
Omelette with Tomato, Mozzarella and Pepperoni (150) - The one that saved the entire experience!  Hoooray! I'm thankful I ordered this one. The omelette were good! Fold in the middle with this pizza sauce-y taste that blended well with the pepperoni. I also appreciate the pesto drizzled they put on top. Really good! However, I'm looking for their Mozzarella  (the real reason why I ordered it) But there's no mark of Mozzarella or even normal cheese at all. I think they forgot it?
 ``Plain rice (25 pesos)
Choco Hazelnut Pancake (180 pesos) - Two layers of pancake with chocolate spread and bananas in between topped with candy sprinkles. I expected bigtime on this. But it's such a disappointment. The pancakes were good, but it's tough already for a pancake. I didn't get that fluffiness I'm looking for. Mcdo's version is way better. They put too much flour on their mixture.
Tapa Rice Meal - (180 pesos) Served with egg plus a cucumber and tomato. Another disappointment. The egg were cooked like they are in a hurry. The tapa were soft enough but it's too dry. SRSLY! (look at the picture)
 Chocolate Shake (140 pesos) - The whipped cream is like Figaro's, and the shake is just OK

Overall, our bill is : 675 pesos! We should've eat in Pancake House instead so we'll left with smiles on our faces and tummies. Will I come back again? Maybe next time?

You can check their website @

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