A Blooming Odyssey: PANAGBENGA 2013

by - March 26, 2013

A sincere apologies to you guys. I completely forgot that I haven't made any review with our extreme adventure at Panagbenga 2013. This is my photo blog review with Panagbenga Festival 2013. ENJOY! :)

``The soldiers?
It's still early, and look at the people including the one on the farthest area! :o
Panagbenga 2013 Theme "A Blooming Odyssey"

``Pretty Dancers :)

``I think the one in Pink is the prettiest :)
``Different Interviews
``And look at that perfect shot! It seems that Shamcey really smiled at my lense :D
``Ms. Earth Philippines 2012 - Back View. hahaha
``I really liked their costume. The mask were so expressive!
``Look at that! How cool is that? And yes, some kid cried upon seeing the mask :P
``Shot from GMA's 7 Indio.
``Ehra Madrigal and Bong Revilla (blurred) hahah

`the crowds
``And everyone loves Jollibee! :D

``Student Dancers 
``And this one has a future! :)
``The bands 

``And Robin Padilla
``With some ABS-CBN's stars

``After a tiring parade, boyfie bought me this one! :D
``ohh my!! this is my favorite during my childhood days! ^_^

``Okay, so after the parade, which will take for how many hours, will end at the Athletic Bowl, where they will put all of the floats in the field for judging. Come to think of it, taking pictures during the parade is unecessary. Why? because you can do it at the Athletic bowl. But, taking pictures during the parade is really fun, so you can't help it. :) 

Anyway, me and boyfie decided to eat first to let the crowd subside even for a bit. So after we went to Vizcos for our snack, we headed to Athletic bowl, and still, the crowds were insane!
``You see the upper right part? Yup, that's also crowd up there.

``darn kiddo! that's almost a perfect shot :(

``isa ka pa ate! hahahah

``My favorite above all! :)

``really cute! :)

``Second fave :)

``This is such a beauty! :)

``And this one too! :)
``Who can resist Dora and Boots?
``Lovely! :)

Okay, let's get serious guys. HAHAH! Here's some tips, from the first timers. Incase that you're planning to go to Panagbenga Festival 2014. Here's the things to remember:

First: Make sure! You had your reservation in advance for accomodation. Atleast 2-3 weeks before the festival. Opps! Don't think it's exaggerated. That's what I thought as well. But NO. Remember, it's a Festival that even the foreigner were looking forward too! Here's a little story, Aldrin decided to surprise me with this festival, and since it's an impromptu situation, we didn't had any place to go to. Believe me, I thought we can find some hotel or transient to spend the rest of the night, but sadly, No. We rented a taxi, and we roamed around Baguio from Terminal > Burnham > Session Road, and all over the place. But nothing. Everything is fully booked! Luckily, Aldrin's Tita were living in Baguio. OMG! Thank Goodness! And yes, finally, we stayed the night safe and sound. Don't ever going there without Hotel reservation, or else you'll end up sleeping in the terminal. (yup, that's what's happening).This is the most important thing you should remember!

Second: Bus Ticket (incase you're not bringing your car). I swear, this is the most convenient way going there. Take note, going to Baguio from Manila takes around 7-8 hours, and bringing your car might be stressful (especially to the one whose driving). And sitting and relaxing in the bus will be a good idea. And if you don't want to get stuck with the traffic all over Baguio, better ride taxi. Not like in Manila, their Taxi cost 35 pesos as their flat rate. So it's a good shot already. IMHO.  So here's a thing to remember, purchase a bus ticket in advance. Ticket going to Baguio, and going back to Manila. So it's two ticket. Don't try your luck here, if you don't want to be a "Chance Passanger" and wait for 3-4 hours just by trying your luck.

Third: Bring your monehhh! Ofcourse, it's Baguio City, and a lots of Pasalubong areas awaits for you there. Bring some for your family, friends, special friend, schoolmate or even office mates. 

Fourth: This festival is not for weak hearted. Why? The number of people were outrageous.  Stampede like crowd will be there. And right before my eyes, I saw 7 people who fainted during the parade. Though the Medics is available, still the safety should be the one you put in your mind. If you know that you can't handle the crowd, then no, a big NO. But if you're badly wanted to see the floats, then don't join the parade. Better stay at the Athletic Bowl, and just wait there or when the people subside already.

Fifth: The most important thing of all, enjoy! :)

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