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by - February 19, 2013

Have you been Yabufied? But I am thinking if Yabu is overated? Hmm. But since they've got a pretty good dish, I will convince myself that it is not. But really had a bad experience. Why? Read on! 
- Quite small. Considering the numbers of customers. Cute Jap style with comics wall, and a creative walls made from the comments of bloggers with Yabu.
 ``Wines as for display
``Comic inspired walls. Cute! :)
``Uniquely designed wall from different bloggers' feebacks 

*Their menu*

So if this is your first time, here's the step by step details on how to enjoy Yabu's food. :)
``You will be given a sesame seeds in a small bowl. All you have to do is to grind the seeds (not too much). Just enough to burst out the aroma of the seeds. 
Then pour 2 scoops of Yabu's Special Tonkatsu Sauce.

We've ordered the following:

- Wakame and Potato as appetizers (195 pesos)
It was good! The reviews I saw with this one is right. The wakame is so good! Remembering the sea weed coldcults in Chinese restos. While the Potato Salad has the right amount of mayo not too sour not too sweet. But seems that it needs a bit of salt.

All orders comes with Unlimited Japanese Rice and Unlimited Cabbage (perfectly paired with their dressing):
``Take Note: This is the first time that boyfie eats veggies! See? 'nuff words! :)
``Miso soup
``Pickled fruits
``Sweet watermelon and pineapple to cleanse the palate
Menchi with Cheese (350 pesos)
It was good. The panko crumbs outside really brings out the best on every dish. The oozing cheese inside is good that it blended well with the meat. 

``innards of Menchi

``Seafood Mix 2 (545 pesos)
(Consist of Salmon, Black Tiger Prawn, Oyster, Creamy Crab.) 
  • The Salmon is good. Very fresh and cooked to perfection! 
  • Black Tiger is good too! However, I find this too thin that you cannot taste the prawn anymore because the Panko crumbs overpowers its taste already.
  • Creamy Crab - Delicious and really creamy!
  • Oyster - Most Favorite of all! I can't explain exactly how this tastes like. But it's really good! All I know is that I find myself smiling! 
Okaaay, so what's with the bad experience? Here! I asked them to wrapped our foods since were so full and the food is still plenty. We pay > they gave us our take out > then go straight to office. When I open our food, to my surprise. It looks like that!
 $&@?!*%? SRSLY? It's seems that it's 'kanin baboy' when they just throw everything as it is. It tasted weird already. The meat laspes and mixed the color with the two appetizers.  but with that, naaaah!! Buti pa nga KFC, they have side dish containers, samantalang kayo??! Che! Still, going to give this another shot.

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