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by - February 19, 2013

From the time that I saw LooLoo friends' review about Cupcake Lab, i told myself  "I will go there soon"
And since I have a luxury of time yesterday, tadaaaah! I asked boyfie for another sweet foodie adventure. 

Okay, so techniqually what I will order is their Ferrero but sadly, they don't have delivery of Ferrero that time! Would you believe that? So I don't know already what to order and since all of the cupcakes are good looking, I asked for each cupcakes/mini cupcakes available. 

``Chocolate Chip
``Red Velvet Pops
``Cupcakes! :)

*Here's what we've ordered*
``pretty looking cupcakes! :)
Chocolate Chip - Most favorite of all! Moist cupcake inside with chunks and chunks of chocolate chip inside. Gooodahh! The cookies on top, is really good! Seems like a freshly baked Mrs.Fields cookie.  However, I find the icing inbetween too sugary for my taste. As in literally. I can feel the sugar grains all over. I prefer the icing to be smooth! And, the taste of the icing seems like Goldilocks mocha cake.

• Tiramisu - Second to my favorite. I cant explain the taste but it seems it has this toasted chocolatey flavor that is good. The cupcake bread is moist, but i like the dollop of the icing way better. That feeling of "kinikilig" while I'm eating the icing!
Red Velvet - Not really a fan of red velvet so I just asked for the small one. But surprisingly, the cupcake bread is really moist inside compared to others. I find it really good! Though the cream cheese icing is a bit hard.
Almond Brownie (if I remember it right) - I was fooled with the look. There's no remarkable taste to it. The bread is crumbly and dry too!
• Red Velvet Pops - I don't know the taste. I gave it as pasalubong to my neice. She told me it was good! 😊
``The innards of Chocolate Chip

Overall the cupcake wise, the presentation, and the taste is good! But my loyalty still belongs to Cupcakes by Sonyas. Still, looking forward to taste their Ferrero Cupcake.

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