New Discovery at Starbucks: Black Iced Tea with Strawberry

by - February 03, 2013

``I just accidentally discovered this one. Hahah! Naaah, really, what happened is that while ordering my usual drink at Starbucks, they offered their redish iced something as free taste. I really can't remember the name, except from the word "Zen". So I conclude that it's Iced Zen Tea. So last night I want something refreshing, and I want to order that one. So my fave barista Tina, helped me on figuring out that one. She told me that their Zen tea is not red, and asking me stuffs with that mysterious drink.

``She told me that it might not be the Zen tea. It can be the Black Tea with additional strawberry flavor. So i told her "okay, i want that one". Then she utters "No, timplahin ko muna, then tikman mo kung ayun nga yun".  cool! So she handed me the Starbucks "shot glass" hahaha, then to my surprise, She's right! The drink is personalized, "Iced Black Tea with additional Strawberry flavor" twas really refreshing! Really good! Not like the Strawberries and Cream, it can be compared with their always-not-available Cool Lime! Try it! Really refreshing! Tastes good too! TRY-EAT! :)

Ohh, btw, i know, it's way far from the Zen Iced Tea name that I concluded! 

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