Mouthwatering moments @ Bizu

by - February 08, 2013

``My sweet tooth just attacked suddenly when me and boyfie are in GH. After a heavy meal,
I couldn't resist when we passed by Bizu.
``We were surprised that when we arrived, it was packed with people, considering that it's still early.  
Their service were excellent, accommodating, fast, and friendly!
``Cute and Comfy couch. 
``Cute interiors all over! Elegant pink and purple theme, with metallic displays.
Oh wait! Not to mention their long line of macarons and cakes on display! I just died suddenly!!
``Small Heaven (250-300 pesos)
``Medium Heaven - *the right most part* (900-1300 pesos)
``Big Heaven! (1700-2000 pesos) ohhh-la-la!!! 
``oh Truffles!!!!!!!!! 
``MACARONS! :""">
``Macarons! (French Earl Gray and Almmond, Pistachio, Butterscotch and Madagascar Vanilla ) (55 pesos each)
``Nirvana Cake (235 pesos) 
``I just want to look at it. It's really adorable. But NO!! I will eat it! 
``Innards. (there's a pistachio cream in the center) Reminds me of the desserts in Spiral. Sinfully good!
``To go package of Macarons! Isn't cute? :)
``To go package of Cakes!

``What I loved with their Macarons is its size. It's much bigger with others. But what really stood out is their Butterscotch Macarons (their best seller) I died again when i tasted that!!! I heard some angels singing! I'm double dead already!! I wanna live in this place!!And guess what? Aldrin surprises me with a package!! *lucky girlfriend here! :">*

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