Lunch out at Burgoo

by - February 02, 2013

We are planning to watch Shrek that time, but the line was jammed packed, and guess what? Yup! We ended up eating in Burgoo.

Their Menu

Onion Rings with Blue Cheese Ranch Dressing - Perfectly fried Onion rings on a golden brown texture, with unlimited blue cheese dressing.
Supreme Nachos- The bits of meat were really tasty. However, I find the toppings too little that we ended up munching the Nacho chips on its own. :(
Sta. Fe Spring Rolls - Surprisingly good! Their version of Filipino style lumpiang shanghai. But what makes it so good is the vinaigrette served on the side. One of a kind!
Grilled Porkchops- Very tender porkchop that has full of flavors as you bite! 
``Taco Mexicano- I went gaga on this one! This is not the ordinary pizza out there. The combination of taco ingredients blended well with the pizza crust was really the BOMB!
Seafood Au Gratin - Crowds favorite! It was served on aluminum foil wrapper. As you open it, you will smell the seafood aroma flavor. The pasta (not sure what kind of pasta is that), has a hole all through out the other end that sips in the flavorful sauce of the dish. Generously topped with different seafood such as clams, squids, shrimps, and salmon. Such a heart melting dish! 

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