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by - February 17, 2013

I've been so busy lately and a lot were asking me why I am not posting anything new. To come up with you guys, here's something special. This is way back last November, during my birthday when boyfie surprised me for dinner. ayiieee! Okay, let's start! :D
Spiral proudly presents their 21 Dining Ateliers that will bring you to luxurious dining experience that is especially made for you. *warning this is a detailed review* In short, it's novel. Hahaha! 

 ``The famous spiral staircase
``Different wines to choose from
``Table Setting
``Complimentary Bread plus Pesto spread and butter
``Comfort Room

*SPIRAL 21 Dining Ateliers*

• Salads and Appetizers
- Freshly picked vegetables from the garden with different salad dressing of your choice. Corns, Nuts, Mushrooms and lots and lots of toppings to choose from!

• Crustacean
- Seafood galore awaits for you here! From Lobsters, Salmons, Prawns, Crabs, and other sea creatures are there! Haha! It's your choice on how do you want it to be cooked. 

• Sushi Sashimi
- I am not a fan of those, but you can see a long bar of selections. Sushi and sashimi freshly deboned in front of you is also available. 

• L'Epicerie
- This is the new additional part in their buffet. They have a special room filled with different kinds of cheese. Old aged ham, hamon, Antipasti also available inside. I'm not a fan of this, so I just took some pictures. Haha! 

• Hot Japanese
- Fantastic teppanyaki section seasoned with special sauce is trully a winner! 

 • French Stove
- Unlimited Foie Gras! wahhh! my heart is stopping! It's unbelievable   Their pasta is magnificent too! I'm inlove with their pesto! The best pesto I had in my entire life! *seriously*. And lots of hot french dishes! It's remarkable!

• Rotisserie
- The aroma of roasted meats will surely hits the spot! From lamb, chicken, pork, angus beef, name it! 
• Wood Fired Oven
- Special pizza with finest ingredients made by chefs!

• Churrasco
- Not for faint hearted! If you're a carnivore eater, you'll enjoy their prime ribs, lamb leg, and whole lot more! 

• North Indian
- I'm not a fan of this ever since. So if you love Indian cuisine, then you'll enjoy their wide variety of indian foods!

• Asian Noodles
- Different soup stocks and toppings to choose from. Oh btw, making of hand pulled noodles is in action there!
• Pecking Duck Oven
- Brown and tasty pecking duck is surely a winner! (sorry no actual photo of the station)

• Steam Basket
- Personal fave! You'll have an unlimited dimsum here! Tasty and generously made with freshest ingredients!
• Chinese Wok
- More like asian noodles also but they focusses on chinese ingredients

• Filipino
- I didn't bother tasting the food since its Pinoy food already. But they have lots of pinoy viands perfectly made for us!
• Thai
- Strong and Spicy flavors all over. I am not a fan, so I didn't taste any of it.

• Korean
- Bulgogi, Kimchi, Samgeopsal, Chap Chae and every korean foods is here! Korean food lovers will enjoy

• La Boulangerie
- In short, bread. Hahah! Wide selections of freshly made bread caughts an attention as a center piece.

• La Patisserie and Chocolaterie
- Dessertsssss!! As a sweet tooth foodie, I resereved 50% space on my tummy for these! Hahaha! Chocolate fountains, cookies, cakes, chocolates, truffles, macarons, puddings, cheesecakes, gummies! Waaah! I'm out of words!!!

• Creamery
- 10 flavors to choose from! With overflowing toppings! 

:Personal favorite that I almost died:

- Truffles (Dark and Chocolate truffles) hahaha! messy, but i appreciate it! :D
- Foie Gras
- Pesto Spaghetti
- Pesto Spread (complimentary as you seat down together with bread)

``It's trully a remarkable fine dining experience! You'll go home with happy face and big tummy. Spiral really nailed it and proved that they are the BEST buffet in the Philippines. Though however, I find their dessert not that satisfying as for me. Since I'm a dessert lover, I am expecting a lot chocolate pastries from there. Overall, this buffet is such a bomb! magical! fantabulous! scrumpious! lahat lahat na! Hahaha!

You can visit their website @

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