Brunch @ CIBO

by - February 03, 2013

``Looking for a place to eat, and wanting to try out something new in Greenhills, we ended up @ CIBO
``We're the first customer that time. They open @ 10:00 oclock in the morning
``One of a kind menu (displaying their best sellers)
``They have these Japanese theme inside. Wooden interiors all over. 
Low lighted surrounding to keep the vibe sophisticated. 
 ``The service is excellent! They bring us to our table right away. I can compare their service to the one I had in Spiral. Very attentive, polite and cheerful. Though, I am not sure if they're like that all the time since, we're the only customer yesterday. But hands up for their service!
``You know me, I am a fan of restaurant tissues. HAHAHA!
``Interiors is really good! 

``They are happy! hahaha! :))

We've ordered the following:
``Praga Pizza (355 pesos
Thin crust pizza, with mozarella, smoked ham and mushroom.
``Al Amado Penne (220 pesos
Made up of pesto cream, mushrooms and basil. This is deliciously creamy! However, I find it so bland. But with some salt, pepper, and additional parmesan cheese, this is good!

``Farfalle ala Genovese (265 pesos
``Penne pasta on braised beef sauce with Parmesan. 
Surprisingly, you can taste the beefy-licious taste in every spoonfulls. 
``Since, we're stuffed already, we asked the crew to wrap the food for us. And yes, you're right. 
It's not the ordinary "to go bag" that they have. I comes with a cute paper bag! 

Overall, it was good! The place, service, price. Everything is good! But why 4 stars only? Their food is good, but I'm still looking for something more. It's delicious but not fantabulous. Ohh btw, the Spinaci Zola which happen to be their best seller? The one that everyone is recommending? I failed to order that. I am caught up inbetween coz i might not like it since it's spinach. My bad! Maybe next time? hahaha!

You can check their website @

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