Cheap Eats @ Don-Day Korean Restaurant

by - February 03, 2013

``So here, I've heard lot of reviews lately with Don Day Korean Restaurant
and since it's near our office in Technohub, I took the chance to go  there.
 ``That's what we saw upon arriving the store. uhh ohh! SRSLY?? But in the end, I found out that it's the day that the garbage collector will get the trash in the place. But I wished that they put it on the side?
 ``At Kalayaan Ave, #40 Malingap street, near Bayantel. The place has 40-50 tables. Open air set up with burner and griller in the table. Don-day is a small korean buffet that you can have for a small price.
 ``Free wifi!! NOT! Their wifi is not working. engg!!
 ``Their menu (And since we're hungry bears, we choose the special buffet)
 ``stove for grilling
``The walls
``The bottles of their wine. Twa's actually cool! To add up some Korean vibe in the place! 
 ``Tables and Chairs
``Korean utensils. Cool!
``Refillable iced tea

*Here's their food*

(Completely sorry if I can't give out the names of the food. 
I don't have much knowledge with Korean foods. What I know is that, it's delish! :))
 ``Different Vegetable tempura. | Egg rolls.
 ``Potato Croquettes | Dynamite | Shanghai
 ``Spicy pork tuwalya | Stir fried spinach
 ``Green leafy veggies
 ``Side dishes (Kimchi | Caramelized Onions | Radish)
``Chili and tomato paste 
``Cooked Foods
``Macaroni and Sweetened Potatos
``Another spicy sides :P
``Their version of Lechon Kawali
``Chap Chae
``Pumpkin Soup and Miso Soup

*The Hungry Bears' foods*
To start of, we were given one plate of pork and beef brisket

``Start the grilling session 
(You should season the pork and beef with salt and pepper which is available on the condiments area)

``The salt and pepper brings out the goodness on the meat

 ``You can also put garlic to infuse some aroma on your food

*The cooked foods*
 ``Just like how they do it, put some pork and beef to the veggies, spiced up with caramelized onion and wrap it! 
I'm surprised how good it was! :)
 ``Plate 1
 ``Plate 2
 ``Plate 3
 ``Plate 4
 ``tadaaaah! after 4 hours of stay! :))

*And some Korean ice cream to cleanse our palate*

``Overall, the experience is good. I'm not a fan of Korean food, and we just felt a bit of adventurous that time. But I didn't regret even a bit of it. I'm really glad to taste some foods aside from my liking. Don't expect a sossy set up with Don-Day because just like what I have said, it's a cheap eats to go, but surely will satisfy you Korean food cravings!

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  1. ask ko lang po kung pano kayo pumunta dyan from technohub? thanks! :)

    1. Hello! Actually, we ride on a taxi going there. From PHILCOA kasi, not sure ako kung pano, baka maligaw ka lang sakin. heheh! Along Kalayaan Avenue sya. Are you familiar with Pork Barrel dun sa Kalayaan Avenue? After nung Pork Barrel, next street is Malingap Street, before Shell Station, dun ka liliko. Then from there, makikita mo sya sa right side. Hope it helps! :)

  2. Unlimited food po ba yung 399? At panglahatan na o pang isang tao lang?

    1. Hello Pinkbunny101! Yup, unlimited na yung 399. But that's per person basis. :)

  3. Hi can we avail the 199 and 299 or we should avail the 299 for two to get the unlimited pork?


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