Caramel Donuts @ Krispy Kreme!

by - February 22, 2013

Because I didn't know that Krispy Kreme has a new flavor!  
``Errr? Or I'm just a late bloomer and didn't know that they have Caramel Flavor?  It's been a long time since I had KK's donuts. And I must say that I miss it sooo much! nyahah! Aside from the usual flavor we order, I didn't know that they have Caramel Flavor. The second donut above. It's really good! 

``The filling inside is not Caramel at all.  It's like a thick flavored caramel icing that's not nakakasawa. (Atleast for me ) Go to your nearest Krispy Kreme store now! Try-EAT! :)

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