Brothers Burger Presents : Brothers Lamb Burger

by - February 23, 2013

I admit, I am a loyalist of Brothers Burger. Their burger is really magnificent! I've tried other burger joints around the metro, and I must say, nothing beats Brothers Burger for me! Their grilled aroma flavor in their patty that you can't find with others is oh so delish!

 ``I didn't know that Brothers Burger has this burger that has a pesto! Being self confessed as a Pesto Lover, OMG! The name of the burger is Brothers Lamb Burger. Arghhh. For 280 pesos, I had this huge burger that I shared with boyfie since it's really big. Flavorful beef patty with creamy pesto sauce inside. The lady told me that it's best to put additional mushrooms on it. Though I know it's just their selling tactics , i must agree with her. It's really great! hahaha! Try-EAT! :)

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