Antipolo Gallery Cafe

by - February 19, 2013

``A place in Antipolo that will surely captures your attention as you enter. Thanks to my sister who brought me to this place. By looking outside of the Cafe, you wouldn't think that there's a hidden gem inside. You'll be amazed with the artworks inside.

``Cakes and goodies
``Coffee Maker
``I have to agree with that ;)
``Good thing they have couches to relax up my super tired niece and nephew. 

``Their menu

``Pasta | Sandwiches 
``Breakfast | Appetizers
``Tiramisu - I'm telling you, this is so good! One of the best Tiramisu I've had

``Caramel Toffee - This is also good especially the caramelized candy in the middle. Brings out the kiddie inside of me! :D
``Chocolate Mousse - A bit bitter for my taste but boyfie loves this one! :)
``Nachos - I know their presentation is not that good on this one, but don't judge this one on it's looks. This is good. Their salsa is flavorful and meaty! I appreciate the veggies on the side too! Really delish! :)
``Paintings and Murals on the wall.
``Hihihi! Posing for the piano.
``Cute Looking Harp
``Interesting things to find
``Hahahah! And Mona Lisas too! :P
``Cutie Vases
``Boyfie and the kiddos
``And more neat looking thingies.

``This Hole in a Wall place in Antipolo is surely worth the visit. The place is good for a chitchats, reading or even relaxation. Good for writing blogs too! *ehem* Wifi connections, Charger socket are also available. The Cafe is fully air conditioned so you'll surely have a comfy time. Will definitely visit this place again to try out their other offerings in menu :)

You can check their website @

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  1. Interesting! Will consider this restaurant when we go to Antipolo this coming weekend. Thanks for sharing ;)


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