Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub

by - January 05, 2013

I call myself a late bloomer tea lover. That's straight to the point right? haha. Because I don't like milk teas at all! I find it weird at some point. But I just really don't know what happened. All I know is that I am a milk tea lover already.
``It just so happened that, we saw this Y-tree along Greenfield district. 
Why not? It has this big billboard of Chiz Escudero outside.
``Their new offering

*Their Menu*
``Add ons
``You see? Now I am thinking if the owner of Y-Tree is Chiz Escudero? 
``Lot's of celebrities visited the place too.
``Lot's of pastries to choose from
``Pasta is available too! *tetadventurer's tip: don't even bother trying this one. waste of money, and calories!

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