Wensha Spa

by - January 11, 2013

It's my sister who forced me to go to Wensha. Though I don't want to do such things, I just realized that I have to do it, even once in a while. And I didn't regret any single of it after all. We avail their 780 pesos package. (6 hours of unlimited use of Jacuzzi,  Spa, Sauna, Buffet, and a service that you want to (Foot Spa, Body Massage, Facial, etc))
``Wensha Spa is the newly open branch located in Antipolo. 
They also have branch in Timog Quezon City and Pasay.
``Price lists
``Their buddha
``Their lobby area
``Magnetic Key. Serves as your key in the locker. You have to put it in the hole and the locker will automatically open. It's good how they put this as bracelet that will manage to be in cold and hot temperature
``Women's area
``Men's Area
``Locker Room. Camera are not allowed from this point
``But I secretly took a shot with this one. HAHAHA! Their vanity area.

``Some infos

*So after we put our things in the locker, we headed to their buffet area*

``So after our heavy meal, we headed to their Jacuzzi, Steam, and Sauna Area. I didn't have any photos because it's strictly prohibited. Ohhh, btw, in the Jacuzzi, it is required to remove all of your clothes. AS IN EVERYTHING ;) 
But towels, shampoo, liquid soaps were provided already.

In the Jacuzzi, it's divided into 2. EXTREMELY COLD and HOT where you have to dip.

In Sauna, well obviously you'll go to a room with thick hot air circulating in the room. 
In Steam, you'll sit down in a wooden chair and let yourself perspire.

TIP: Ice chest is provided inside with small tubs. 

Better to get some and wipe it on your face/body while you're inside the Sauna/Steam. Very relaxing! 

After that, we headed to their Barbecue buffet area.

*then after a while, tadaaaah!! best to be seasoned in salt and pepper*

 ``After our yummy sizzling beef strips adventure, we headed to their services (We have to choose for, Foot Spa, Body Massage, Facial, etc.) Me and boyfie choose the foot spa, while sister prefers body massage. 
``The lower ground of Wensha. It's the reception area of their services.

``Their foot spa section. It's surprisingly huge and comfy.
``The very snob lady doing my foot spa. I swear, they're so snob. They're not friendly! 
The foot spa services were not good also.

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  2. Sad to hear that you had a poor experience at the Wensha Spa, or maybe it depends on the masseuse?

    A friend of mine has tried on their services too, but she had a great time here. I would also love to try their services as well, especially now that they had a deal posted on Metrodeal. :) Here's the link to their deal here: Wensha Spa

  3. That's too bad :( So far we've had good customer service experience in Wensha, save for some snafu with the food before because it just took a loooooong time for the food to be refilled...

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  6. Jacuzzi & saunas of men are women are separated. What if im with my wife? Is there a room where we can stay? & how much it will cost me? Thanks...

    1. Hello Levy!

      I have the same concern as well since I'm with my partner, but the men and women rules are strictly implemented. That's why my boyfriend was alone when he's on the sauna/jacuzzi. :( On the other hand, you can be together on their buffet/common areas or on the service you'll have like foot spa in our case. Hope it helps! :)

  7. Hi, been to Wensha Pasay and I can say that their massage is no more than okay.. but we are planning to return though this 20th and hopefully2x I can enjoy this time and take photos! Nice post :)

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