Personalized candies @ Twisted Candy!

by - January 22, 2013

Something caught my attention when passing Robinsons Galleria. A small colorful stall with some saleslady offering their cutie candies, out of curiosity, I've tried Twisted Candy.

 ``Their cute candy cabinets
 ``Different Flavors to choose from
 ``Personalized handcrafted candies
 ``Unusual candy flavors that is intriguing. 
 ``Their wall
 ``Actual making of their candies

*Here's the candies we bought*
(90 pesos per pack)
 ``Frankenstein! such a cutie! :">
 ``Happy Birthday!
 ``Little Girl!
 ``Christmas Tree!
``Their store.

``It's actually pricey for a candy, but those cuties were hard to resists. You can visit their site @

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