Serenitea: Not your ordinary cup of tea

by - January 19, 2013

I admit to everyone that I am a late bloomer milk tea lover. While the milk tea craze is going on, I am there, sitting and watching others as they are enjoying their milkteas. So to cut the story short, out of nowhere, I fell inlove with it! 
So here's a visit to one of their store at Greenfield District.
Colorful stairs
Their hanging lights (shot from 2nd floor)
Comfy space
Cozy cushions. 
And their logo is such a cutie!

Top 10 drinks of Serenitea
The menu
New Flavors of Serenitea
cute! :">

*We ordered the following*
Cocoa Frost with Butterfinger- Butterfinger is my fave. And this is understood!
Mocha Macchiato Frost with Baby Ruth
Tropical Storm- Weird tasting drink 
Chocolate Malt
Christmas Tea Frost
Wintermelon- Late bloomer's favorite! haha!
Okinawa- Same as this one. Very light and delish!

Chicken Chops! -ohhhhh, my favorite! Crispy chicken chops with special seasoning. Very addictive!
Pepper Corn 
Mochi Buns- I'm curious why the mochi costs 95 pesos, so i asked the staffs how many is that, then they told me that it's 12 pcs!! My eyes sparkled! 12 pcs of mochi??? Then when i see this, danggg! It's a bread! I thought it's the mochi ice cream. HAHAHAH! MY BAD! :))

You can visit their site @

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