Boodle adventure @ Seafood Island

by - January 22, 2013

``Me and my friends had a movie date and after the film we're starving to death, and we decided to eat beyond the usual burger/pasta/pizza dish. So never the less, we eat in Seafood Island.

 ``Set up
 ``I am a fan of tissues right? hahah!
 ``Some decor?? 
 ``Their menu

*Below is their Breakfast meal. Nothing special, really! Karindeya's version out there is much better.*

*Below are the boodle that we ordered*

``As for their boodle, I cannot see any extra ordinary taste with their food. I find it bland and over priced with the taste of their food. I don't know why a lot of people loves this one. Maybe with their Boodle feast that is on banana leaves together with different viands, appetizers, soup, that can be eaten with bare hands and to be shared with groups, now that's really fun thing to do right? Will I come back? Hmmmm. Nahhh. 

You can visit their website

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  1. you have decorated the stuff with very good style. i like the way you decore the food. Food is the blessing of GOD. we should be share it with those people who can not afford it Dhow cruise Dubai


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