Disappointing meal @ PG 13 Pinoy Grill

by - January 17, 2013

``Me and Boyfie needed a quick meal before headin' to office. Around 30 minutes or so. 
And it just so happened, that we passed by this store. 
 ``PG 13 Pinoy Grill has lots of foods to choose from.
 `Their Menu
 ``Live band are also present
``Cutie wooden chairs
``Their huge iced tea
Ensaladang Talong (80 pesos). Ensaladas and Veggies are my favorite! But not this one. Excuse me but I almost wanted to vomit with these. The most weirdest tasting alamang ever. It's my first time not to finish an ensalada when it's supposed to be my favorite. :(
``Davao Tuna (170 pesos) Overcooked. Tasteless.
``Grilled Liempo (150 pesos) Small serving. (All of the food actually). Full of "taba". 
They should choose leaner portion instead. Lack of flavor. 

The only thing that I love with PG13 is first, they have wifi, so it's a plus. Second, they have 3 flatscreen tv. 1 outside and 2 inside with good movies they are playing. There is also a wall that is filled with movie CD covers. CUTE! And lastly, aside from that it's air conditioned, they have live band to keeps the vibes good, but you cannot hear the movie since the band is performing inside. Will I come back? naaaaah! 

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  1. I agree. Never order their Chopseuy Binondo - it was just cut veggies with cooking oil and garlic. No meat, no sauce. As if you're munching on raw veggies.


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