Movie Review: Life of Pi

by - January 22, 2013

``Life of Pi  is based on a best selling novel written by Yann Martel that were put on a movie directed by Ang Lee. A story about a boy who had a tragic experience when his family will move from India to Canada. The boat sank down due to typhoon that they encountered. All of the passengers died including his family, except from him and a tiger named "Richard Parker"
``The challenge begins when he have to be with the tiger in one boat, discovering the goods, and emergency stuffs, he found a way to make a small floater for him not to live with the dangerous tiger. Being tired of going to the boat every time he needs to get some foods there, he realized that he needs to communicate and to live together with the tiger peacefully, so he trained him and did that successfully. On the other hand, in the midst of trials, storms, hunger that he encountered, he finds his inner strength thru God. The movie is inspiring. A lot of lessons to be learned, realization to one's life. Worth to watch! :)  

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