Mochi Mochi, Mochiko !

by - January 23, 2013

``Mochi ice cream suddenly became popular in the Philippines. For those who are not aware. Mochi is an ice cream thinly wrapped in a soft fluffy dough dusted in powdery substance outside. 

 ``Mochiko is just one of the member belong to the store battle of Mochis. 

``Cutie Mochi is really cutie! 
``This is my personal favorite: Cookie dough! (75 pesos) Rich creamy ice cream with chewy and crumbly cookie on the bottom. Really Good! Also try their Potato Chip cookie (on a bed of potato chip, very good!) or Oreos and Milk! (One Oreo cookie every mochi!). If you're craving for some ice cream or sweet, this will do the wonders!

You can visit their site @

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