Kim is Hungry Cupcakes

by - January 08, 2013

I always see these lovely cupcakes from my friends or friends of friends in facebook. Only to found out that it's just a minutes away from our house. Kim is hungry is a homemade cupcake goodies made by Kim Gonzales herself. Let me show you her lovely cupcakes!

 ``Here's a box of 12. (500 pesos)

*Let me describe you it's taste.* 
ohh, btw, I can't remember its particular name, but I very well remember its taste. hihi! :)

``My personal favorite of all. I loved this so much!
It's brownie like flavor, with sandy chocolate texture nested chocolate cake. 

``A rich chocolate cake as it's base with light nutty flavor frosting 
generously drizzled with chocolate syrup, and sprinkled with roasted peanuts! 
``Personal favorite of my nephew.  Creamy light icing on top, slathered with 
candy sprinkle goodness.  Who can't resist that right?
``A classic goodness of vanilla cupcake with dollop of frothy smooth vanilla icing! :)
 ``Another chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting 
with chocolate chips and roasted almonds! :)
``Smores! Yummy cupcake with rich chocolate cake, topped with light marshmallow icing drizzled with chocolate syrup with crushed graham, and chocolate sprinkles! Such a cutie indeed!
``My neice's fave! Aside from the fact that the cupcake is such adorable one, 
the rich and smooth strawberry icing is such a winner!

``Another bestseller! I'm surprised with this Salted Caramel heaven that Kim created. Inbetween taste of salty sweetness goodness. It's a must!

``This red velvet is made from delectable cream cheese icing, 
with red cocoa cake!
``Peanut butter delight is here to surprise you. 
with buttery taste with melt on your mouth butter cream! :)
``Generously topped chocolate cake with marshmallow, nuts and chocolate chips. 
Now tell me, isn't that delish? :)

Hmmm. and the other one cupcake? The kids can't just resist that they just get it. HAHAH! And maybe you're wondering, how I knew the taste of each cupcakes? Ofcourse, i took a bite on every goodies. nyahaha!

``Also, I bought the best seller cheesecakes. (60 pesos each)

``Oreo Cheesecake
``Blueberry Cheesecake

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how i LOVE cupcake to the highest power. hahaha! Every cupcake that she creates is made with love and perfection. All of the cupcakes has this consistency of cupcake glazed with different butter cream that has the right sweetness! Though I will appreciate if it's moister. But nevertheless, This will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings like me! :D

Ohh, and btw, what I like with Kim is hungry? Kim herself is such a nice person especially when you talk with her personally. Not unlike others that's super snob. BOOO! 

Alright, back to Kim is hungry, is you want to taste this heavenly tasting cupcakes, you can check her facebook page @ or contact Kim is Hungry number at 09162717551 for faster transactions. 

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