Johnny Rockets: Where the good times roll!

by - January 19, 2013

The hungry bears were hungry as usual. So feelin' lazy to stroll and look for a place to eat, we just settled here at 
Johnny Rockets!
``Hamburgers, Shakes, Fries
``American theme all over. 
``Their menu
``Yes! Unlimited fries for just 40 pesos! :)
``Desserts, and more!
``And here's their little story. 
``You know how I am fond of taking pictures of tissues. For some unknown reasons. haha!
``Smoke House (440 pesos)
``Route 66 (420 pesos)
``Their smiling face ketchup
``Mocha Fudge Shake (275 pesos)
``yup, they're also giving you the excess! ;)
``Butter finger Shake (275 pesos)
``the nomnom excess! :D

``Overall, Johnny Rockets is indeed a bit pricey burger chain. If you're going to ask me, I am not satisfied enough with their burger. The burger lacks its flavor. The juiciness is just okay, nothing extra ordinary. REALLY. I still prefer Brothers burger than these. But the shakes is outstanding. :)

You can visit their website @

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