Jambafied @ Jamba Juice

by - January 23, 2013

``Since the day Jamba Juice were introduced here in the Philippines, it created a huge impact all over. I am eager to try their product but I really don't have time. My friend keep on insisting me that I should try their Chocolate Moo'd. 
So when I had the chance, I didn't think twice. 

 ``Their branch in SM Megamall
 ``Their Menu
 ``How to order
 ``Add a boost selection
 ``Their bread selections
 ``Their Ingrediensts
 ``Ice Creams
 ``Our Orders
``Cold Buster and Five Fruit Frenzy

``It was good, very refreshing and healthy! Tons of fruit bits as you sip it. But no oomph factor for me. Maybe I'm still looking forward to taste their Chocolate Moo'd. But if you're a fruit shake/fruit smoothie lover, go now on their store, you'll surely love it! 

You can visit their site @

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