Hainanese Delights

by - January 11, 2013

``I am really curious whenever I see Hainanese Delights at malls around the metro. I always see lots of people eating there and still don't know what is their offerings. What I only know is they serve white chicken. hahah! So when I had the opportunity when I visited my school in St. Paul University at Quezon City, it just so happened that I noticed their store in the the newly open Robinson Magnolia
 ``Small store unlike their other branches. 
 ``Their Sauces (Sweet and Chili, Ginger Sauce, Soy Sauce)
 ``Calamansi Iced Tea. Better than the ordinary! :)
``Sauces altogether
 ``Pork Passionate (130 pesos)- Breaded Pork Belly. More like the usual, but their version in thinner, has lesser fat too
 ``Hainanese Delights (130 pesos)best selling white chicken. I'm surprised with this one promise! This is delish! And the sauce tastes yummy too!
 ``Surf and Turf Bits (120 pesos) You can choose between fried or steam. I've asked the lady if I can put it altogether. And she said, YES! for the same price! yey! This is good! Very tasty. Especially the steamed one! :)
``Their Menu (oh yes, it's unlimited hainan rice)

Overall, we will surely return to their store. Every food they served is light and full of flavors. And the servers in that branch is so friendly and courteous. You can visit their site @ http://www.hainanesedelights.ph/

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