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by - January 25, 2013

``I'm in a quest to look for the best Buffalo in the metro. 
So when I saw Buffalo Wings N' Things, I immediately taste their goodies.

*Menu Board*

``I am amazed that even they just have one server, everything is well organized. 
Everything you'll need will be given in no time. Their crew is attentive!
``The place in this branch is small. Around 5 tables inside, then they just put tables outside the store. 
American theme is their set up.
``Can you take the heat?
``They offer different kinds of buffalo wings. Depending on your tastebuds. They have this heat indicator whether you like Mild or way up to their Extreme level. 
144 pesos for 1/2 pound (4pieces), 274 pesos for 1 pound (8 pcs) and 399 pesos for triple sampler. 
I choose the 1 pound and asked the lady to divide it to two flavors (yup, you can do that)
``We choose the mildest flavored wings (Garlic Parmesan, and Honey BBQ) since my tastebuds can't handle too much spiciness. Their wings is good! It's so tender and flavorfull. Boyfie prefers the Garlic Parmesan that has this garlicy buttery goodness like Carbonara sauce

``While I prefer Honey BBQ that has this hint of spiciness of BBQ that blended with a bit of sweetness. 
But I will choose the next level next time coz I can't even feel the spiciness at all. 

``We also ordered their Classic Hotdogs (twin hotdogs) (144 pesos). They generously put onions the way I like it. But somehow, the mustard and ketchup were too much that it overpowered the hotdog sandwich itslef. But overall, it was really good! Their wings is superb! Definitely will come back for more! :)

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