Cutie mochi @ Dezato Mochi!

by - January 31, 2013

I wanted to buy Mochiko's Mochi but since I'm tired going to other building, boyfie suggested to try Dezato Mochi!

``Just a small stall, having this fridge with tons of mochis, calling out your name!  
 ``Well, all of the mochi has the same taste right? They only differ from the flavors they offer. 
Dezato's mochi has this thin wrapper which i like.
`` They have chocolate truffles too! :)
``This is cheaper than Mochiko. Correct me if I'm wrong but Mochiko's price is 75 pesos fixed, 
while Dezato's mochi is 50-80 pesos. Affordable! 
``Though compare to Mochiko, Cookie dough of Dezato is just ordinary. I still prefer Mochiko's Cookie Dough. But surely recommendable is Dezato's Brownie ala mode. With chunks of brownies and walnut in every bite. Sinfully good! **It looks pale in the picture because it just came out of the fridge, but the color changes as it adapts the room temperature*

You can check their website @

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