Heavenly cream puff @ Chewy Junior

by - January 23, 2013

``Chewy Junior is one of my favorite food stop during my OJT days. Chewy junior is a place for heavenly cream puff experience. It's a crispy bread outside, having this soft and chewy texture inside and filled with light creamy filling.

``Their menu
 ``btw, they also have pizza!
 ``Different Flavors to choose from and different fillings to enjoy

 ``Small puffs available too!
 ``Vanilla Almond Crunch- Vanilla filled cream puff, dipped in vanilla chocolate with almond shavings on top. Sinfully good!
 ``Triple Chocolate - Chocolate filled puff topped with chocolate cream with chocolate chips toppings! 
Ultimate chocolate-y treat! 
 ``Coffee- Mocha filled cream puffed topped with vanilla and sifted with coffee flavor. Very addictive!
 ``Cheese Lover - Vanilla puffed topped with cream cheese. Creaminess overload!
 ``Blueberry Cheese- Cream puff filled with vanilla and cream cheese plus blueberry as its topping. Simply irresistible!
````Generously filled cream puff.

 What I love with Chewy Junior is the unique texture and consistency it has. That moment when you took a bite, you'll savor it's taste and enjoy the right sweetness it has that will keep you so hooked and addicted! :)

You can visit their site @

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