Tagaytay Swimming---WHAT????

by - December 03, 2012

I know it's crazy, this sounds crazy. Tagaytay is well known for very cold weather. And yet we'll swim there? YUP! Crazy idea of my boyfriend yet I will surely treasure that enjoyable and memorable moment. When we stayed in  Taal Vista Hotel last October, we had a crazy idea of dipping out in the pool. wahhhh. intense coldness to the highest level! So here's a peak. :)

``They actually have their huge and nice area provided for crazy swimmers like us! :P
``Guard house | (yes surprisingly, when we dipped in the pool, a guard on duty watch us over. GOOD ONE!)

``The other shot |  Facing the rooms beside the pool area.

``You got it right. they have a huge and well maintained pool. 

``Testing out the water like a duckling. :D
``Spot someone who's not moving because of super duper cold water? HAHAH!
``Now, look who's enjoying? :D
``Right after we took our bath. 

Just do me a favor everyone, I HIGHLY recommend to you doing the same. It's such an extra ordinary experience for us. It's not your ordinary swimming that all of us usually do. It's like North Pole swimming experience, that you are submerged in icy water that will surely refreshes your entire body! The most difficult part only is when you are going down in the water. Prepare yourself to intense coldness of the water, from the bottom part of your body up to your tummy area. You'll stop there and think if you will still going to swim. But just go on, you'll see what am I talking about when you're swimming already. :)

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