Quick Meal @ Flap Jacks

by - December 04, 2012

We usually don't have enough time to eat at home before going to office. So what we usually do is to eat outside. Though it's much expensive thing to do, we don't have a choice. :( So we ate at Flap Jacks in Technohub beside our office for a change.

 ``The counter
 ``The tables
 ``The lights

*So here's their menu*

*And this is what we've ordered*
 ``Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions (Beef with black pepper corn sauce wrapped in bacon. With veggies and a choice of Mashed Potato or Mexican Rice) 368 pesos.
``Salisbury Steak. Served with vegetable and mushroom sauce. And a choice of garlic rice or mashed potato. 328 pesos.

What's my comment? Just right. The food is not extraordinary. Not worthy either for its price. Lack of taste and flavor. I dunno. When I tasted my boyfriends food, it's also the same. The meat is quite tough too. Will I eat there again? I'm not sure. Or maybe on a different branch will do. 

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