Movie Review: Samurai X

by - December 11, 2012

You see, Aldrin is such a huge fanatic of Samurai X. So I planned to surprise him for a movie date before we go to office. I have a plan, but everything changed, thanks to ORTIGAS traffic! We stuck for almost an hour and arrived 7 oclock PM. So I just smiled to him and confessed the truth that everything is just a "white lies" for me to execute the surprise nicely. And when he found out that we're going to watch Samurai X, I really saw the super big smile on his face. :)

The start of the movie is at 07:15 so we have 15 minutes left, plus we need to withdraw money that has a long queue, and buy some snacks. So we're like a contestant in Amazing race that time. Then when everything was okay already, we headed in SM movie world, then CRAP! The line is outrageous. We almost decided not to push through the surprise date but I don't want to spoil my plan. So there, enough of the story, we are around 10 minutes late already when we entered, and OH MYYY. I wasn't expecting the huge crowd inside. Every seat is occupied, and luckily, there's 2 left on the side. WHEW!

I thought I will fall asleep with the movie, but I was wrong. They're right, the movie is really GREAT. I can't give the exact rate of the film because it's not the type of my genre (horror, love story). The story line itself is basically the same as the anime. But I am telling you, it's really worth watching. Action packed movie, mixed with comedy plus love story.

NOTE that, Samurai X is exclusively shown in SM Malls only. So for those who wants to watch, go on, because I've heard it's for a limited time only. There, it's Thumbs up for me! :)

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