Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians

by - December 19, 2012

My boyfriend is asking me to watch this movie. Okaaay it's actually not a surprising thing for you already. When the time that we saw the trailer while watching some other movie, he told me that we should watch that. The trailer is nice, but not that outstanding for me. But I was wrong, the full movie says it all.

The movie focuses on different guardians, Santa Clause, Sand man, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Jack frost that brings happiness to every child in the world. But the challenge arises when the Boggie man wants to conquer the happiness and replace it with fears and sadness. If you are thinking that the movie is just for kids, then you are wrong. I didn't expect that it such a beautiful movie after all. I just found myself crying inside the theater. HAHAHA. Sorry, there's just a part there that is really touching. Kid's at heart will surely love this movie. I'll rate it 10/10. Worth watching movie :)

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