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by - December 09, 2012

Maybe it's known to everyone that one the greatest buffet in town can be found just right beside SM Mall of Asia. Ofcourse you know what am I talking about. It's Vikings! You can differentiate it from other buffets because of their wide array of food selections. Plus the fact that they can be lined in some fancy hotel buffets in the metro. So here's a photo blog of their place.
``A huge signage that will welcome you upon arriving
 ``Table Set up
 ``They have a newly open branch in SM Marikina that you might wanna check out
 ``They have huge area that can accommodate up to 600 persons. *sorry for the blurred photo
 ``The first thing I visited, Desserts station! :D 
(Halo Halo station, Chocolate fountains and dippings, etc.) 
 (Shortcakes, Cheesecakes)
(Chocolate and Strawberry mousses, Coffee Jelly, Fruit Jelly)
 (Cakes Galore)
 ``A friendly note that will make you smile as you see the sweets from the chiller
(Another sweets selections ) 
 (One of the coolest, yup they have their own yogurt station)
``These are the foods that is available for grilling (You have to choose what you want, and they will ask your table number and deliver it there. So it's really a must to remember your table number.) 
 ``Half part of their Chinese Section. 
 ``Sauces and dippings
``Pizza Station 
 ``Cold cuts station
 ``Antipasti station
 ``Deviled Eggs, Crackers, Spreads Section
 ``Softdrinks Section
 ``Salad Section
 ``Apple Salad that disappoints me
 ``Breads Section
 ``A lot of the Viand to choose from (One part of Vikings, there's a lot more, but I wasn't able to take a shot of it.)
 ``Made me smile, Shabu Shabu section
 ``Sushi, Maki, Sashimi
 ``And a loooot more! 
 ``Hot pot section
 ``Juice section - I really like these because they use fresh juices and not powdered one. GOOD! :)
 ``Halo Halo section
``Crepe Section 
 ``Ice cream Section
 ``Gummies, Cookies

``Wasn't able to take a picture with the entire section because we were starving already. 
So here's the plate of the hungry bears! :D

So what's my review?

  • A will give a 10 points for their food selections. Hands up for their wide arrays of choices.
  • For the taste, I will give 7 points. The taste is just right. If you'll gonna ask me, here's some comments with the foods that we ate (See photos above):
Plate 1 and 2 : Korean Sticks, Barbecues, Hakao, Baked Oysters, Quail Eggs, Lamb - I find the Korean Sticks and Barbecue too tough to eat! | Hakao - The wrapper is too thick, the shrimps were small as well.

Plate 3: Pizza, Apple Salad, Lasagna, Pomelo Salad - Their Pizza is good, lot's of cheese on it that I truly enjoyed. | Apple Salad has a poor taste. The Apple is not fresh and tastes like a rotten one. | Lasagna has lots of beefs on it, that some might enjoy. But I prefer one the creamier side.

Plate 4: One of my favorite! Coldcuts plate! Century Egg, Seaweed, Ox tongue, and Chinese marinated pork. I went gaga over these and I had a seaweed galore here. Winner for me! :D

Plate 5: Tempura Plate. One of the most popular sections in Vikings. You might see that section empty often times. But don't worry coz they're cooking the tempura just by its side and you can wait for it if you want to. It's delicious because what we had is freshly cooked. One thing I have to say is the shrimp is small, unlike what we had in Yakimix where it's really a Tiger Prawn. But nevertheless, it's thumbs up for me.

Plate 6: The Angus Beef and Lamb. The steak section is the most popular section of all. Due to its popularity, a long queue is awaiting for you. So just like their system you have to give your table number and wait for it to be served. The steak is good, but you have to put their special sauce to it. The meat itself cannot stand on its own taste. 

Plate 7: Squid Head. Just right. No special seasoning or something. 

Plate 8: Caviar and Baked oysters. Vikings is very proud that they have not one, not two but 3 Caviar on their items. While the Baked Oysters is really yummy. But I'm not sure if I ate these too much OR some food is not that good that I had LBM that night. tsk.

Plate 9: Lengua and Buffalo wings - It's good as well.

Dessert Plate: Since I am a sweet tooth foodie, i like it that much that they have lots of desserts to choose from. But what stands out for me is the Chocolate Brownie (7th plate from the desserts) since it has the bitterness taste that blended well with its sweetness.  And last is the Avocado Ice cream (8th plate from the dessert) it's outstanding! You should definitely try these! :)

  • The service I will give it a 5 points. I just really don't know the over all but I gave it a poor rating because of what happened, The lunch buffet will close at 3 oclock to set up their dinner buffet. What irritates me is around 2:30 pm, a waiter just get our food from our table. Take note, we're even there when they get it. Okay lang sana kung umalis kame or something, pero hindi eh, andun kame at harap harapan kinuha yung plates namin, WHILE we're still eating. Sarap sabihin na, "Kuya ang bastos mo. Kahit "excuse me" wala kang sinasabi.". That made me irritated, and what's more? when we payed already and waiting for our change, it took around 20 minutes, wala pa din. So I called the attention of the waiter and asked for our change. Then he said "Paki kuha na lang po dun sa may cashier". SERIOUSLLLLY???? Ano to sari sari store na pupunta ko sa cashier to get my change?! End of story. That's why I had that rating. tsk tsk!

``And here's their rates. Better to call them first for a reservation. We waited for about 30 minutes because we don't have reservation. 

If you have any inquiries you can check their website @

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  1. I also had LBM the following day after eating lunch here. HAHA!

    1. HAHAH! So I guess I'm not alone! :)) Is it because of their oysters as well? :D

  2. it took me 30-45 minutes to get my change also, but i will definitely come here again for the food, specially the seafood and steaks.

    1. Yikes! I guess they should improve on that one!


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