J.CO donuts now in the Philippines! :)

by - December 04, 2012

I can't remember where I discovered these yummy treats. Not sure if through a friend, via online, blogs, or word of the mouth. But these J.CO is one of my favorites. So lucky that it was brought here from Indonesia. ALELUYAAA! So after shift, my boyfriend and I decided to go to SM Megamall together with my friend.

``We're there at the exact time it opened. :D
``Still preparing their cutie mini donuts
 ``Freshly made donuts
 ``Lots of varieties to choose from
 ``Im starving just by looking at these pictures :(
 ``ALCAPONE - The best seller :)
 ``HEAVEN BERRY - If you'll love strawberry, this one is for you :)
 ``OREOLOGY - Oreo Lovers! Need for me to say more? :)
 ``TIRAMISU - If you're a cream lover or loves to munch on icing with a hint of coffee flavor, this will be your bet! 
 ``GREEN TEASE center filled donut and MR. GREEN T almond sprinkled donut. I don't want to be bias. I am not a fan of green tea, so it's a bad comment for me. I will let you be the judge. 
 ``COCO LOCO - Dark Chocolate lover like me? You'll go gaga with this one :)
``DON MOCHINO - *not in the photo* Soft donut covered in Dark Chocolate with cream filling inside :)
``WHY NUT- Glazy donut filled with peanut buttery goodness drizzled with Dark Chocolate :)
``CHOCONUTZZY - Nutty glazed plus nutty filling combination :)

 ``AVOCADO DICARPIO - one of my favorite also. Surprisingly good! Mixture of avocado flavor with rich chocolate. winner! :)
``BERRY SPEARS and BLUE BERRYMORE- for berry lovers out there :)

 ``DONNA ITALIANO - Prepare yourself to intense creaminess you'll taste
 ``HAZEL DAZZLE and CHUNKY CRUNCHY - Chocolate and Crunchy lovers, fall in line now. :)
``MEISISIPI and FOREST GLAM - Overload of chocolate shavings and yumminess! :)
 ``CHOCOLATE CAVIAR CHOCO and CHOCO CAVIAR STRAWBERRY - Loved by kiddos! Surely hits the spot! :)
 ``SNOW WHITE and SUGAR ICE -Soft donut dusted with powdered sugar that will tickle your tastebuds
 ``What we ordered. :)
``Plus their smoothies will start our day! :)

``And 3 boxes of pasalubong for my beloved family! :)

NOTE: Advisable to go there early. You would not want falling in line for more than an hour for a donuts. (Just like what happened to me last week). Also, few choices to choose from when you buy later part of the day. So the result, you'll end up buying the not-so-favorite-donuts. ayt? :)

They're starting to have lots of branches already from its original store in SM Megamall. You can visit their facebook page and see their updates, promos, and new store openings @

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  1. What time do they open up?

    1. Hello! SM Megamall branch opens during mall hours. 10 am :)

    2. Hello? what if i bought 2 dozen will i be able to pick which type of donuts to put in each? for example Dozen no.1 , 4 Oroelogy + 4 Tiramisu + 4 Avocado Dicaprio . Dozen No.2 , 4 Choco Caviar Chocolate + 4 Choco Caviar Strawberry + 4 Coco Loco. is it ok? and what time do you recommend me to go to their store. Sm Megamall branch . i'm planning to go there Next Weekdays probably monday 3-4pm is it a good time ?

  2. Hello . can i choose which donut i would like to buy . for example i'm going to buy 2 dozen . Dozen No.1, 4 Oreology + 4 Tiramisu + 4 Avocado Dicaprio, Dozen No.2 , 4 Choco Caviar Chocolate + 4 Choco Caviar Starberry + 4 Coco Loco. is it ok ? and what time would you recommend me to their store . SM Megamall branch . i'm planning to go there next Week probably Sunday or Monday . 3-4pm is it a good time?

    1. Hello James,

      Yup! Definitely! All the donut flavors will still be your choice regardless how many pieces or flavors that you will choose. It's all in your hands! hehe! Monday is better option between the two, since there's a lot of mall goers during Sundays. 3-4 pm is still a good time to get your preferred flavor. Usually during peak hours, there's only limited flavors to choose from. So better stick to off-peak hours. Cheers! :)

  3. I like alcapone and snow white.


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