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by - December 26, 2012

I completely forgot my blog since the time I was given a new stretched assignment in the company. So, cheers for that! Anyway, I have a friend here that keeps on bugging me to post a review with iphone 5, so given this luxury of time I will. So here it goes:

``This post is my comparison from my iphone4 (that served me very well)
 ``Front (with casing)
-As you can see, iphone 5 is much taller than iphone 4/4s
-It is quarter inch taller than the previous versions
- iphone 5 is 18% thinner than 4/4s
- The simcard slot is waaay different than before.
 ``Bottom part
- This is the charger slot which Apple made a huge transformation from the previous. Like basically, if you left your charger at home, you're dead! hahah.
 ``Above simcards differentiates the normal simcard from iphone 4/4s simcard from iphone5 simcard.
`The most important part of all. Since the simcard slots are different, expect that you should be willing to cut your simcard into parts. According to blogs, iphone5's simcard is 12% thinner. So what I did is I cut the simcard and scrape the plastic part of the sim (be sure not to cut the gold part)

 ``Charger - Obviously, the charger dock is different. The previous 30 pins were replaced by 8 lightning pins.
 ``Ear phone
 -The normal earphones were replaced by EarPods which is slightly thinner than the traditional. Unlike the previous issue with the earphones that it is difficult to wear, the new EarPods were designed to direct the sound into the ear. The new weird shape of the Earpods is specially made to fit all types of ears. 
``A closer look
``A kikay case will always be kikay :))
iphone5' is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than 4/4s.

*So what's my review?*
It's undeniably obvious that the phone itself is such a beauty that you don't even want to put a casing into it. Its' aluminum and glass gives a sophisticated elegant look. Aside from wider screen that iphone5 has, As of now based on my experience, iphone5 is waaay faster than iphone4/4s because of it's processor. Super lightweight when you hold it, and seems that it's a dummy phone after all. hihi! Lastly, Camera wise the front camera's 1.2 megapixel is already stunning, plus the fact that the main camera is sharp 8 mega pixel. :)

Negative comments? None as of now, though it's f*ckin pricey, I will update you once I find some negative comments. :)

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