Satisfying Dinner at Dome Edsa Shangrila

by - December 26, 2012

This is the most exciting moment ever! Wanna know why? Read on! :)  So my sister and I agreed to meet each other in Edsa Shangrila. Ever since then, my sister is the one that keeps on suggesting me different restos that I should try. And way back then I still can recall when she told me that the best cheesecake that she have tasted is @ Dome in Edsa Shangrila.
``It originally started in Australia. They offer wide choices of European Style Cuisine. The set up inside is more likely semi-formal style. In a sense that, a lot of  business men and women were there to eat. As well as those who wanted to take a looooong chat while eating, this one is great for you!

*So here's there menu* 
--btw, please take note that they have huge serving. Their one meal can be shared by 2 persons.

*And here's what we've ordered*
``Bowl of Mixed Potato wedges with Fries and Garlic Mayo and Ketchup (200 pesos
- Crispy, Light, nothing special.

``Beef Stroganoff Pasta (390 pesos) - Very rich and creamy! With chunks of Angus beef smothered with their light tomato sauce. 
``Grilled Pork Chop (495 pesos
- It's indeed very tasty. The meat itself is soft, but I find it dry at some point. 
``Roast Beef Belly (445 pesos) - Ohhmaaaayyy!! How can I describe this mouth watering goodness?? Believe me, the beef is really succulent! Very recommendable. The juiciness and flavor of the meat will sink in when you eat it.
``Hungry bears will always be hungry bears.
``New York Cheesecake (200  pesos
-This is the cheesecake that my sister kept on telling me. Yes it's delicious, but for me, Bag of Beans' cheesecake is better than this. See here
``Nutella Crepe (155 pesos
-Do I still need to describe it if Nutella is in it? *wink*
``And this is the reason for my happiness! :)

*What's my review?*
It's indeed one of the best tasting restaurants we've been. Compared to others, the price is a little bit costly, but the serving itself says it all. When I said that, that one dish is good for two, I really mean it. :) We even had our take out because we're really stuffed already. Not only that, the food speaks for itself, the taste is just fabulous! The service? Very polite and attentive. And The Chef itself will come to your place at a particular time and he'll ask you if you're enjoying the food, and if there's something wrong with the dish just to make sure you'll receive a topnotch best tasting food from them. :)

You can visit their site @

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