Seafood Lovin' at Claw Daddy's

by - December 26, 2012

I can't remember why we went to Serendra all the way from Rizal aside from the reason that it's our monthsary. But what I can remember is that the Hungry Bears were hungry that time. So before headin' to office, we decided to eat first. Bubba Gump is what I have on my mind. But sadly, it has one branch located only in Glorietta so we settled in
Claw Daddy's.
The place is really jam packed when we arrived. So we were assisted to the other side of the room which is New Orleans that has the same operator I guess. 
``We headed to this place. Very quiet and comfortable. 2 projectors were also provided for entertainment purposes. During that time it was basketball so, blaaaah! :D
``I dunno why I took this picture. haha

*So here's there menu*

``Steaks - Aldrin wanted to order a steak, but I told him that it's not advisable since they specialized in Crabs. So better go for their winning dishes. :)
``Claw Daddy's Boiling Crabs - One of their best sellers.
``Pizza and Pasta
``You will be given a chance to choose what size of the crab you're going to purchase, in our case we had their giant. The size of the crab corresponds to a particular price, the heavier the crab, the heavier it is on the pocket ;)
``Foods for kiddies | Desserts
``I will give a high five for this complimentary bread. Very hot when they served this to us. 
``We had their giant crab. It took so long before we had our final decision. We even asked the server on their bestseller but I wasn't impressed when she told me that it's the Butter Ginger Crab. So we opted to choose Szechuan Crab. 
``Crab cooked in sweet and spicy Szechuan sauce. (2000 ++ pesos) FTW! I'm giving you my word, this is SUPERB :)
``Seafood Ciopinno Pasta (395 pesos
This one is their Solo. But believe me, it's already enough to satisfy 2 persons. We weren't able to eat this also. We just tasted it and ask the server to wrap it for us. The giant crab is really heavy to our tummies.But this one is good also. The pasta and seafood itself were cooked to perfection.
``It's really huge :)
``Soda to cleanse to palate atleast
``HAHAHA! It's very satisfying up to the last drop. :)
``The hungry bears are very much happy! :)

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