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by - December 19, 2012

Chez Karine (shey-karinis the new discovery we found in Serendra. But that was just accidental.
``Sorry for dim photos. I'm just using iphone and it's 11 oclock in the evening already
``I just saw someone munchin' my favorite macarons outside their store, so I immediately went there.
``Look at those yummy macarons!
``Lots of flavors to choose from
``Different puddings were also being sold
``Cakes and Different pastries
``Describing the yumminess of the cake
``Coffee, Chocolates and Teas
``Their presentation is really inviting! :)
``Chez Karine Prices
``Chocolate and Potato Cookies
  ``Guest book. with tetadventurer ;)
``You'll be needing this. Trust me. See for yourself. :)
``Very cute boxes
Creme Brulee Apple Tart | Lemon Meringue Tart
``Mango Gourmandise
``Chocolate Hazelnut Religuese
Peanut Butter & Jelly | Caramel Macchiato
``Different flavors of pudding
``21 Assorted Gift Box
``Maple Bacon - Yup, there is an after taste of bacon 
``Salted Caramel - I purchased that entire lane. I can't help it. It's just heaven meets earth 
Pistachio - you can taste the hint of Pistachio flavor
``Mint Chocolate - Because I'm a dark mint chocolate lover, it's one of those that stood out. 
``Coffee- It has the light coffee taste with sweetness
``Lemon - I never tried it. I think I will not like it. :D
``Strawberry - the kids will surely love it. My nephew doesn't want to go out unless i'll buy something for him again. -_-
``Earl Grey - 2nd of my most favorite. Next to Salted Cream ofcourse. It has this very minimal taste of Earl Grey tea that made it so yummy and outstanding. 
``Dark Chocolate - What can't go wrong with Dark Chocolate? :)
``And another one
``Chocolate Royal Pudding | Vanilla Royal Pudding | Horiicks Malt Pudding 
``And some snacks in the office
``Tower Macarons while working
``Dark Chocolate
``Peanut Butter - ohhhh! one of my fave!
``Black sesame - I don't like it that much. It has this after taste of the black sesames
``Earl Gray is L-O-V-E
``Mint Chocolate - winner also! :)

*What's my review?*

The Place: Their ambiance is good. It's such a homey place. But it would be better if they will make it bigger atleast?
The Staffs: Their crew is friendly. Always greets you with smile on their faces. Good sales talker I'm telling you ;)
The Price: I wouldn't argue but it's a bit pricey 50 pesos for a small macaron each. As well as the pudding the costs 100 pesos that has 3 spoonfuls. But I liked how they presented it with small cute glass. You can use it as a container for small stuffs is you want to.
The food/taste: Can you guess it? :) Chez Karine is a recommendable place especially if your'e sweet tooth like me *wink*. What I loved about their products is that, the sweetness is just right and it's not too sweet that retains the softness and gooey-ness of the macarons. I've tasted lot's of macarons that it's a bit hard. But Chez Karine's is so soft and irresistible.

You can check their website @

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