Causeway Seafood Restaurant

by - December 03, 2012

Celebrating a family birthday celebration is a must for us. Since it's my Mom's Birthday during that time, She will be the one who will decide on where to eat. Luckily, what she chooses is everyone's favorite! Causeway Seafood Restaurant in Libis.

``The birthday celebrant with me. Can you notice something? HAHA!!
``My nephew while taking picture of me, and I am taking a picture of him.

*So what we ordered are the following*

``Dimsum as appetizer first. and it's a must for us! ;)
 ``Spinach Dimsum roll - I insisted my Dad to ordered this one, but he told me that I wouldn't like it. Yeah, he's right. I don't like it at all. Covered with sticky wrapper filled with vegetable and shrimps.
 ``Chicken feet with tausi- One of my favorite. Tenderly cooked chicken feet with sweet and spicy sauce. The feet is really soft that it wouldn't be so hard for you to eat that is perfected blended with their sauce.
``Seafood roll - My favorite! Fish, Crab sticks, and Mushroom rolled in Bok Chai with slightly salted sauce (What can be wrong with that combination right?) . yumyum!
 ``Salmon fish head -oohhh, that fatty and delicious pieces of Salmon head is really outstanding.
``Bean Curd - Everyone's favorite! 
``And we ordered another set of dimsums after. whooooo! 
``Our meal wouldn't be completed without this ofcourse. Coldcuts Platter. (Made up of Century Eggs, Seaweed, Chinese Sausage, Roast Barbecue pork, Lechon Macau, and Beef Tenders)
``Fish Lip soup. *sorry not to post the big bowl of it, the shot is kinda messy
``Yang Chao
``Beef Haofan Noodles - Really Good! Big chunks of beef in a haofan noodles with unique smoky taste. 
``Oyster Cake- Just right for me. The oyster bits are too small. Hap Chan's version is way better.
``Vegetable something. I'm sorry I failed to remember the name of these one :(
``Lemon Chicken - Above Average. The sauce is good that it's not too sour, and the crispiness of Chicken retained the juiciness of the meat.
``Then directly go to Cake2go in Katipunan
``Toblerone Cake for Mom! :)
Together with my lovable Nephews and Niece. say cheeeeeese! :D

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