Breakfast at Conti's (Revisited)

by - December 10, 2012

It's another part of the day at work that me and my boyfriend were so stressed just like what I've posted before which you can find here. So a quick fix at Conti's will do the wonders.

``As the usual, their fridge filled with yummy-ness will appetize as you enter. 

 ``This is the Lower Part of Conti's in Katipunan. Just an ordinary set up. Unlike with their upper part which has this sophisticated look. And what I hate here? It's deadspot for mobile phones! -_-
 ``I actually don't know why I am a fan of  taking picture of the restaurant's tissue papers. :))
``While waiting for our food, we were offered with their new product "Mamonitos" as complimentary. It's small mamons that has different flavors. (Chocolate, Coffee, Banana, Cheese, and Butter). 
``Shrimp and Mushroom Gambas - Hey, Shrimp and Mushroom all together, what can go wrong with that? Perfectly cooked shrimps with Button Mushrooms in spicy sauce. VERY addicting! 
 ``Chicken Roulade (235 pesos)- Chicken wrapped in spinach and cheese smothered in peppercorn gravy. This one is super heavy to eat.
 ``Lengua Estofado- Thinly sliced ox tongue with mushroom gravy. I'm surprised when my boyfriend ordered these. I like how Conti's cooked this one. The tongue of the ox has this right texture and unlike the usual problem of Lengua, this one is not though. They managed to cook it just right while maintaining its juiciness.
 ``Mango Bravo (145 per slice)- The most popular cake in Conti's because of its tower high layers. 
 ``Turtle Pie (85 per slice)- My personal favorite of all Conti's Cake. Unlike others that they may choose Mango Bravo as their favorite, but this one has my vote. I really loved the sandy caramel base it has, with rich chocolate cream topped with whipped cream and walnuts.

 ``As you can see, they don't have a service charge at all. So it's really generous for you if you'll give some tip especially their service is excellent. ;)

If you have any inquiries you can check their site @

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