Boracay: Lemon/i Cafe

by - December 10, 2012

This is included in our list and when we saw the place, Aldrin automatically bought goodies for me. yey! :)
``Lemon/i Cafe is popular for their food especially their pastries.
``Outside part
``Their pastries
``The dimple man! :D
``Carefully packing our goodies.
``Blueberry Cheesecake (150 pesos
 ``Hazelnut and Chocolate mousse (140 pesos)

My God, I cannot find the exact words on how to describe these two luscious cakes. The most delicious cheesecake I ever tasted. SWEAR! The creaminess and softness of the cheesecake makes it oh-so mouth watering. While the mousse has its heavenly chocolate-y taste. It's not a usual mousse that you can find in Starbucks. Trust me with this, these two are SUPERB! Indeed, it's very recommendable.

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