Boracay: Parasailing Adventure!

by - December 16, 2012

This time, it's by Aerial adventure! Right after Zorbing we just had a quick dip in the pool then go to Station 2 to have our Parasailing . Aldrin is so excited to try this one. In fact, this is his favorite among our adventure in Boracay. 
1,200 pesos per head (during low season) for 15 minutes and It can go as much as 2000 to 2,500 pesos during high season.
 ``Just a view in Station 2
 ``Upon paying, you'll be riding a speed boat that will bring you in the middle part of the beach. Actually over all, it's a matter of 30 minutes. Because riding in the speed boat will last for 15 minutes.
``Wearing of vest ofcourse
``Setting up the Balloon
 ``Someone is not moving because "she" is scared. :|
``Make sure you'll bring your camera so that the staffs can take your photos
``A quick briefing will be conducted by the staffs
``If anytime you want to go down, you'll just have to put out your hand vertically and rotate it circularly. 
 ``The view of Boracay from above is breath taking. HANDS DOWN. 
 ``I have fear of heights. But I really want to try it also.  
 ``Ayiie! :)
``I am thinking weird things while we're up there. What if the rope breaks? What if there is a shark that will eat us? What if there is a stray bullet that will break the balloon? I'm crazzzzyyy i know. -__- 
 ``style of picture! :P
 ``I am thinking of going down already and just do the hand signal, but I told myself "ay mahal pala nito, wag na!" hahah!
  ``I am just diverting myself with everything. Asking Aldrin to talk to me whatever he wants so I'll forget my nervousness.
``Whew!! Atlast!!! It's really fun up there, but I'm just not a fan of heights like that. Very much memorable experience that I will treasure. But will I do that again? hmmm. I think one is enough! ;)

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